Made in Chelsea fashion: episode 2 season 6

It’s Made in Chelsea episode 2, season 6 time readers…

Can I begin by asking if you have noticed that the disclaimer now says “scenes created for entertainment” rather than “some scenes created for entertainment” – that “some” was of vital importance, I fear.

Spencer is certainly entertained. His “acting” is plumbing all new depths as he appears to be on the verge of laughter in every scene, no matter how skullduggerous he is meant to be.

Let’s just pray that Proudlock’s top knot has been created purely for our entertainment. And if Victoria’s new habit of travelling around in a helicopter (and wearing exactly the same shoe boots as her mate) hasn’t been created for our entertainment, I may have to throw up in Mark Francis’ champagne bucket.

The ever-changing love triangles are getting too dull to even pass comment on, but on the positive side, the way Spenny said “Andy and Lehwez” when him and the new denim-cut-off-wearing American stooge (also known as Spencer Pratt’s sister and former Hills regular) hijacked the dreaded reconciliation date….just genius.

And Mark Francis shared his fashion tips for a London wardrobe – city suits and wellies. Hopefully, not at the same time.

Finally, someone needs to tell Louise (rider of “the big horses”) that there is no such thing as “just shopping” at Dior. Jesus.

Here’s some fashion.

Binky was first to meet Spencer’s Yankee Doodle Dandy – wearing this beautiful white coat with contrast print cuffs: could well be vintage or customised…if you know, do tell

Louise was on fantastic jacket form in this episode – love the tangerine against the monochrome dress

If you’re really quick you can bag your own tangerine dream for £15 from River Island
Louise did look lovely on her ill-fated “let’s get back together” date with Andy – loved the sequin pink blazer (looks like the sold out Maje Apte version to me) and bow necklace

Here’s a lookalike by Kaytie Wu for just £12 at the Beauty Closet

Phoebe’s getting right on my wick if I’m honest this season, but I did love the cute, 60s-style dress she wore for the polo

If you love the style, this is the dress to get (I just have – it’s £49.68 from Feeluxury) – also worn by Zooey Deschanel, I believe, so it is not to be sniffed at
I’d been warned about the gnashers, but I was still a bit shocked by Sam’s teeth in this scene – yikes, mate. Get thee to an orthodontist. Still Louise distracted me with her cream boucle jacket (ASOS – sadly, now out of stock), lilac tunic and silver shorts

Images: E4/as credited

Written by Johanna Payton