Brill Battersea burgers at Dip & Flip

Warning: if you’ve not had your tea, this post is going to make you hungry.

We nipped down to Clapham Junction (or Battersea, if you’re a purist) this lunchtime, to sample the fashionable culinary delights of Dip & Flip on Battersea Rise

If you read the Independent on Sunday you may have spotted that editor Lisa Markwell ate at this daring-to-be-different burger joint this week.

She reckons it’s “home to the best bacon cheeseburger in London” – high praise indeed.

And well deserved.

Now that’s what I call a Sunday lunch: the signature beef sandwich is served with a bowl of gravy for dipping and a side helping of horseradish. Perfection

Meat lovers will relish this joint – but there is a new veggie option on the menu too

We first sampled the dipping and a-flipping on the opening night when I gorged on the classic Dip & Flip burger, a patty served in brioche bun with a gravy-soaked slice of beef – a “moist-maker”, Ross Geller from Friends might call it.

Today, I tried the classic beef sandwich; succulent slices of Sunday best served in a soft torpedo with a bowl of dipping gravy and horseradish on the side. (If you’re a meat-lover and you just had a teeny tiny orgasm, just wait until you taste it.)

The chicken salt chips absolutely MUST be dipped in the gravy for a taste explosion

A hip, diner-style eatery, Dip & Flip sits on the main drag in the Junction, on the same parade as the Be At One bar and a couple of doors up from the Northcote pub. It’s the perfect place to refuel if you’re on the Battersea cocktail trail – but it’s also family-friendly and well worth calling in with the kids for a groovy lunch or tantilising tea.

The atmosphere is friendly and informal, the bar is well stocked with appealing boozy options, well-suited to the meaty menu, and the puddings come courtesy of Northcote Road stalwarts, Dessert Deli.

I can recommend washing down your Dip & Flip with the Orchard Pig cider

As my partner is friends with the owner, we were talking business as well as meat: something very special could be appearing on the walls in the next few weeks, courtesy of my v talented other half.

It’ll be well worth checking out if you find yourself in South London before Christmas – but the main event is, of course, the double-delectable meat and gravy. Flippin’ delicious.

El is a big fan of the fried chicken sandwich served with coleslaw and pickle

Burger thumbs up: owner Tim is sure to extend you a warm welcome

Written by Johanna Payton