Christmas party dress post, part 1

The pre-Christmas torture is upon us: Helena Bonham-Carter is the Witch of Oz in an M&S coat; Ant & Dec are catching mid-air Morrisons gingerbread in their collective cheeky chops; and I wait with baited breath to find out if Iceland will ever top the all-time foulest festive delicacies known as “duck skewers” and “banoffee bites”. 
Jumping on that reindeer-driven bandwagon, let me put the Fashion Detective’s Santa hat in the ring with a weekly post dedicated to the best Xmas party dresses I bump into on my travels.
The first is, of course, a vintage pick: you have a mere 20 days to get bidding for the gorgeous 60s black and pink sequin lurex dress above from eBay.
To bid visit:
Written by Johanna Payton