Doctor Who 50th party menu

It had to be done; I mean, you can’t own a Dalek cake stand and not have a little bash to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who…

We have a couple pals coming over to watch the Day of the Doctor at our place and El and I intend to enjoy a whole day of Whovian celebrations. We’re starting early doors with a viewing of Blink (we’re on a mission to watch every episode of Doctor Who – from Christopher Eccleston to the latest instalment – before Peter Capaldi takes over: Blink’s where we’re up to, with my fantasy husband David Tennant. Cor) and then we’re preparing a truly Time Lord-tastic menu.

I haven’t worked out what I’m wearing yet (perhaps a silver dress a la Cyberman…or a pink chav-tastic tracksuit a la Rose Tyler) but I’m feeling good about the food, Ood.

As well as the mini chocolate Dalek cakes above (here’s the BBC recipe if you’re keen) we’re thinking:

Fish fingers with chips and custard (aka mayonnaise with garlic and tumeric)

K9 hot dogs

Ood Food (mash and tinned spaghetti – just check out a pic – genius)

A themed cake (Lakeland do a fab Doctor Who cake decorating kit)

Marshmallow Adipose (marshmallows, chocolate sauce – what could go wrong?)

And best of all – Sonic Screwdrivers (orange juice, peach puree, lemonade, fresh mint leaves and crushed ice – yum!)

Images: Lakeland/BBC

Written by Johanna Payton