Fashionable Christmas tree – pretty in pink

See, this is what happens when a woman obsessed with fashion, vintage and pink is let loose on the Christmas decorations.

For the first time ever I have a fully co-ordinated tree. Accent colours: silver, gold and blush pink.

I’ve been up and down dale collecting pastel pink baubles for weeks and this morning, once we’d got the 7ft tree through the door, I set to work, blinging the place up with white fairy lights as well as adorning that tree with pink loveliness.

Just in case you’ve not trimmed up yet (I love that phrase, so Yorksire), thought I’d share some pics for a bit of powder pink festive inspiration (it’s the new red, don’tcha know)…

And lo! The tree is trimmed with pink, gold and silver hearts, stars and balls (!)

The little stars were white (from M&S) but I bought some spray from the art shop and tasked the men with giving them a silver sheen

This vintage-inspired lovely in a pop of dark pink is from Ely’s in Wimbledon

You can’t beat a bauble with glitter and pearls

This fabulous pink star is by Debenhams

This one – Wilko. This tree is so diverse!

Tree decorations from John Lewis and M&S make up the rest of the festive ornaments

And for the top, a glitter gold bow from Sainsbury’s

Fairy lights and vintage-style Christmas bunting to complete the look: right then Christmas, let’s be having you

Written by Johanna Payton