Silk electric blue trousers

Once I’d dragged myself out of the Peekaboo vintage concession at Topshop this evening, I fell in love with the silky, lux shine electric blue “jogger style” trousers above.

They are £30 in the sale and they are beyond comfortable.

Only thing is, to wear them well, they demand to be worn with heels (probably my electric blue Manolos – you know, the ones I can barely walk in) and I am – frankly – rubbish at wearing ladies shoes.

Also – what would they go with? I took them around the shop, mixing and matching, but the only real lightbulb moment was created by an original 80s disco top (back in the vintage bit) with blue, pink and green sequins. I loved the look – but it would have broken my budget.

But I’ve been dwelling on the bloody trousers all the way home, and when that happens I usually cave in and buy them anyway *runs to wardrobe to find something – anything – tucked away in my closet that will justify the purchase*

Image from Topshop

Written by Johanna Payton