An ice cream van

This, my friends, is what North London types would call an “ice cream van”. It’s a deconstructed cone, man, and it marked the climax of a fantastic weekend that has involved:
Spending hardcore quality time with my family before a fortnight of intense assignment marking.
PUMPING IT UP with a Ministry of Sound fitness video (I’ve done bad things to my Achilles’ tendons and have a rather “special” walk as a result).
Finishing season three of Breaking Bad (tell me NOTHING).
Eating veggie breakfasts. And fabulous noodles. And ravioli. And sausage rolls. And drinking strawberry cider.
Doing a four mile geocache trail. And only finding one cache.
Visiting The Cellars pub in Newington Green with lovely friends and eating the most dish-licious Sunday roast you can possibly imagine (followed by the ice cream van, homemade chocolates and an espresso – so much for the long walk and UP-PUMPING).
Written by Johanna Payton