Emma Watson backless dress Golden Globes

Having spent the day thinking about red carpet glamour and desperately trying to find out when Dallas Buyers Club is being released in UK cinemas (February 7th, fact fans – book your babysitters), I keep coming back to the same outfit: Emma Watson’s completely backless red Chanel dress.

Now, I love a backless dress as much as the next fashion victim, but a backless bumless dress? Well, the jury’s out on that one…

Much as I admire Emma’s spunk (!), showing up to an A List awards ceremony with her leggings hanging out, I’m just not convinced it worked.

And blue shoes? Hmmmmmm. Really not feeling it.

It reminded me of those private changing room moments, when you’re trying on a swanky dress with your old tights on underneath and get the dress all caught up at the back…you know what I’m saying ladies.

In Cannes, Emma Watson didn’t show enough back, but did she go too far at the ‘Globes?

Granted, my bottom in knackered old pantyhose (that’s one for my American friends) does not look anything like Hermione’s perfectly pert, barley there rump, but the sentiment was weirdly the same. I wanted to run down that red carpet and stage a fashion intervention with a big roll of WonderWeb and a hot iron.

Good on Chanel for helping her take a risk, but I reckon she should stick to the traditional backless frock, one that hints at what lies beneath without actually ruining the magic.

Images: Missguided.co.uk / Dominique Charriau / 2013 WireImage

Written by Johanna Payton