Push that tush, ladies

In a (pretty poor given my cheek is stuffed full of Dairy Milk caramel and chocolate as I type) attempt to get into shape pre-party – and to kick start my training for this year’s Moonwalk – I tried out the above Pop Sugar workout at the weekend.

I swear to God, man, my butt (to use the exercise lady’s speak) was so stiff the next day I was walking like a drunk penguin.

But that means it works, right?

I did it again this aft, along with another 10 minute shredder (!), but hopefully this time my tush (again, blame Holly “Perky” Perkins above) can take the strain.

If I see an ab* at any point, I’ll be sure to let you know.

*My tights fell down on the school run this aft; maybe working my booty out has had an impact already?

Written by Johanna Payton