Party shoes for dancing feet

Suddenly, my BIG birthday party is but two and a half weeks away (YIKES) and the need for shoes to go with my bodacious 1960s dress must be chosen, paid for and in my closet tout suite.

I also need to get myself back to 100% health, lose another couple of pounds and do the effin’ playlist.

Anyway, I digress. Shoes…

The dress is plenty gold and turquoise, with a little pink in the mix, so the shoes could go one way or the other (or the other) – but they have to be dance floor friendly. Because I will do that playlist. Eventually.

I already bought one pair of gold 60s sandals, but they fell to bits after one wear around the house, so it’s got to be second time lucky.

I’m loving the Chica’s high heeled sandals in turquoise @ Zalando’s (above) – but will they be comfy?

And I’m always fighting the urge to buy ankle boots…

If you have any inspiration, do tell chickas.

Image from Zalando

Written by Johanna Payton