Post-party post

So here’s the speed version:
Got to Liverpool Thursday night in a state of super-excitement, went way overboard on a pub crawl (raspberry sambucca, cocktail cones, karaoke, etc), took a tumble in the hotel bathroom upon arriving home and bashed my forehead.
Spent Friday in an extreme state of hangover hell with a big lump on my head: and then the party arrived.
Somehow, I powered through and my amazing friends and family made it totally worth the superhuman application of make-up (see above).
I wore the most amazing 1960s dress with vintage gold sandals – the dress, a present from my husband via Tramp Vintage in Brighton.
But the best present of all was the gobsmackingly good rendition of my favourite Beatles album, Rubber Soul, that Matt’s band performed at my party in Hari’s Bar at the Hard Day’s Night Hotel, Liverpool.
My gorgeous nine-year-old son even joined them for some very professional backing vocals on “You Won’t See Me”.
How cool is that?
Definitely a great way to wave goodbye to my 30s – and the lovely black eye I’m sporting this morning is such a superb way to start my 40s…growing older disgracefully (in very cool dresses). That’s me!

Written by Johanna Payton