Hush competition winner

Ladies and gents: we have a winner.

So many brilliant entries came in for the Hush spring capsule wardrobe competition, but the lucky winner totally captured my imagination with an honest and inspiring story. Plus, we need to get her out of her dresses over leggings habit…

I hope you’ll join me in congratulating her – and fingers crossed we can persuade her to share a pic or two of herself wearing the gorgeous Hush haul; I think her friends will be suitably wowed.

Well done, Natalie. And here’s her winning story…

“Well. I’ve embarked on a New Me mission. I’ve lost 3.5 stone over the past year, (a stone since January, because I’ve managed to stick to my New Year’s Resolution of not breaking the diet for any reason! I know, I can’t believe it either!!) And I’m super proud of myself, and slimmer than I’ve ever been in my entire life (I was always the fat kid!) I’ve also just (this week!) moved back to the UK after being out of the country for a year with my boyfriend’s job (now THAT was miserable – I couldn’t speak the language and since he took the car to work and I worked from home, I was pretty much trapped in the house! Although I took the opportunity to start working out! Bit of a disaster at first (managed to slip on the floor and break a wrist…) but now I’ve mastered the Wii Fit!)

Being abroad was super lonely, and now we’ve just about managed to sort our new house in the UK out, I’m ready to make new friends here, and start seeing some old ones from before I left! I want to show them the new me (hardly anyone knows I’ve been losing weight, and I haven’t posted pics on Facebook) but with the costs of moving house (and my boyfriend being made redundant for the last two months, and the stupid house movers who broke more than they managed to move and then denied it!!) I’m definitely short on cash at the moment and haven’t really got anything spare to get a new wardrobe with! We’re definitely in scrimp-mode… I’d been planning a trip to ‘Primarni’ to get some new clothes before I see my friends and family as I haven’t got ANYTHING in my size at the moment – not a single item of clothing! I’m currently wearing summer dresses from when I was much bigger, but they look a bit silly…! But I’d be absolutely completely over the moon to actually have some lovely clothes.

Sorry for that huge message, I got carried away!! Long story short, my spring event would be catching up with my old friends, who haven’t seen me in a very long time – especially my best friend, who hasn’t been able to fly to see me for medical reasons. I want to swan into the room looking fab for the first time in my life, and hear people say ‘wow!’

I absolutely love your clothes picks, and the dress looks amazing (also crushing on your red shoes!!) I’d be most excited to try those slate relaxed trousers as I have a confession… I haven’t worn anything apart from dresses over leggings since I was 16, and I’m 23 now! I felt too self conscious when people could see the size and shape of my legs… now nearly 4 stone down, I haven’t tried a pair of trousers on in years and I’m so excited to do it with confidence!

Oh dear… I said long story short, then carried on talking… Keeping things short is not my strong point!! Thanks so much for this competition, it’s really amazing and couldn’t have come at a better time for me so I’m really excited to have the opportunity :)”

Written by Johanna Payton