Mint green top from New Look

The cute little tee above (New Look, £14.99) was grabbed in haste today, exchanged for an unsuitable pair of boots, also grabbed in haste on the way home from work on Tuesday.

The reason for all this haste?

Well, my walk-in-wardrobe dream is finally becoming a reality. The house is full of builders and yesterday we had no roof (no, really – the roof is fully OFF).

It’s cold and dusty but the builders are ace and keeping things as tidy as you can do when you’ve just removed a roof. 

Blogging (and working from home in general) may be a challenge for the next six to eight weeks, so please excuse the sporadic updates – but just imagine the delights I can fill that wardrobe with when, finally, it is mine…

Image from New Look

Written by Johanna Payton