New Getty embed tool – a gift for bloggers

Great news for bloggers, fashion and otherwise – Getty has decided to make millions of its images (like the one of Kate Moss, this week at the Eleven Paris party in Paris, above) free for bloggers to use.

So, what does this mean?

Well, for years I’ve been harping on to my fashion journalism students, and freelance journalism trainees, about the dangers of using copyrighted images on their blogs without permission.

Of course, most people figure (understandably) that with zillions of blogs out there, all using pictures will nilly and not paying a dime for them, why should they get caught?

Bad luck, maybe, but it does happen. And “but I put a credit on there” is no defence when an angry photographer is on the rampage. And why shouldn’t they be angry? I wouldn’t want anyone using my words and images without showing me the money.

Policing this stuff, of course, is a nightmare. And impossible, as Getty and other image services have discovered.

So the new strategy is to release tons of pics (not everything, so be careful) for free usage by bloggers, while biger companies and publishers must continue to pay. If you want to make the most of it, visit the Getty site, search for the image you wish to use and then use the embed tool. The pics will appear on your site or blog as they do right here, in this post, with the credits done for you and a link embedded back to Getty.


Written by Johanna Payton