My 60s inspired bedroom

It’s one year ago since we moved into our house and this weekend we celebrated (almost) finishing the loft conversion. Just the infamous wardrobe to go!

I have learned so many things in the past year (architects are brilliant, builders rock, town council planners are a bit fussy, it’s all about the light…) but one of the most important lessons is that dressing your house to your own taste and desire is just as exciting and pulse-raising as dressing yourself.

I also get to do the interior design in tandem with my lovely and very artistic partner – and two heads are indeed better than one.

I’m so chuffed with our bedroom so far. Here’s a peek…

I like my interiors the way I like my wardrobe – inspired by the 60s. I’ve been collecting vintage pillowcases on eBay, the chair is from Vintage Actually and the “magical mystery” (as I like to call it) light fitting is from Arrow

It was love at first sight when I spotted that upcycled G Plan sideboard – it’s from a company called U Shade Furniture in Sheffield. They delivered to London within 24-hours and we’re using it without it’s lovely legs as the headroom is limited in the loft. I rennovated the drawers myself to match using a teak stain and various paint colours for the handles

This amazing teak tallboy – with the original G Plan label still intact – arrived this morning. Another eBay purchase – from Jolly Ollie’s Vintage and Retro shop. I was going to paint it some wacky colour, but it is too perfect to tamper with. I just need a 60s mirror to hang above it now (never fear, I’m on the case)

The oversized glass bricks were our architect’s genius idea – she reads this blog and knows how much I love 80s as well as 60s design. We’ve all seen St. Elmo’s Fire, right? I’ve been desperate for a house with a glass brick feature ever since

I’ve learned that good design is all about collaboration and the idea of taking the sink out of the en suite to create more space was cooked up over dinner with an engineer friend of ours who was visiting from Texas: the floating aspect was my brainchild (I think!) My partner persuaded me to trust him on the wooden wall – it’s actually ceramic tile. Very 70s. The radiator and sheer voile panel (Catriona in grey by John Lewis) reflect the aluminium windows and the zinc cladding on the exterior: that all makes me sound very posh, innit

The en suite itself has been styled very simply with cream metro tiles on the wall – but the “anthracite grout” adds a certain somethin’ somethin’

The domed window above the shower chucks in loads of light

Never underestimate Tile Giant my friends. We are sadly lacking the Fired Earth budget, but no matter because don’t you just love these groovy retro style floor tiles? I could look at them all day….

Written by Johanna Payton