90s vintage jumpsuit inspiration

I’m usually all about the 60s shifts and 70s polyester, but in this heat, I need cotton jumpsuits. Lots of them.

Sticking with my vintage sensibilities, I’ve been scouring eBay and ASOS Marketplace for suitable pieces…and I can confirm that the 90s is your decade if you want something cool and sassy. I don’t like to think of a decade I was a “grown-up” in as “vintage”, but I guess that’s just one of life’s harsh realities.

If only I’d bought this lot the first time around…

House of Jam @ ASOS Marketplace, £45

House of Jam @ ASOS Marketplace, £45

Little Red Vintage @ ASOS Marketplace, £45

Peekaboo Vintage @ ASOS Marketplace, £55

All images ASOS Marketplace

Written by Johanna Payton