Vintage bathroom styling ideas – by myself

You’ve seen the 60s inspired bedroom and now here’s another bit of Fashion Detective towers ready to reveal…it’s the mega bathroom.

For years and years I’ve had this fantasy about a freestanding tub and a properly luxurious bathroom you can lose yourself in.

Sometimes dreams do come true. And I’d like to think I’ve been pretty clever about styling this room because it hasn’t cost a fortune – the original Victorian cast iron tub, for example, was snapped up on eBay for £250 and painted copper with good ol’ Hammerite.

What I love about this – and, gradually, every other room in the house – is that everything has been chosen by us, from the tiles to the taps, from the shade of duck egg on the wall to the combined bidet & toilet. All done on a decent budget with the retro obsession in mind.

Fancy a look around? Be my guest…

The space was a bedroom when we moved in and we decided to use the original fireplace as the focal point of the new room
The taps we’ve used “ornamentally” on the hearth are the originals that came with the bath – that cheeky little teal owl vase is from JOY
I have a Buddha in every room – doesn’t everyone? This little beauty is from TK Maxx
I didn’t think I could afford freestanding taps and shower head = wrong. Victoria Plum and Victorian Plumbing are your friends if you want traditional bits of bathroom kit that look great and don’t cost the earth
We spent at least an hour discussing a piece of art for the chimney breast – in the end it was pretty easy to agree on this
This took a lot longer to agree on. I was desperate to have a chandelier up there – the other half, not so keen. You need a bathroom safe light fitted to meet building regs, and when I eventually found this majestic piece of work from litecraft I knew it was “the one”. I made a few tiny modifications to make it less bling
I’ve been pilfering these toiletries from the Hard Day’s Night Hotel for about seven years – I knew they’d eventually look awesome sauce in my dream bathroom
With people of various heights in the house, and pristine metro tiles to think about, this tilting mirror from Habitat was just the ticket
Is showing you the lav a step too far? Oh well, I’ve done it now. I show you simply because this toilet is genius – the little silver spout below the rim is a built-in bidet. It’s by Creativ
The devil is always in the detail – these gorgeous curtain pole finials (from John Lewis – and in the sale at the mo) reflect the glamour of the chandelier and general opulence of the room
I came home from work one day and these had just appeared. As if by magic. My fella’s a keeper
If you were wondering where all the toiletries are, they’re squirrelled away in the old, built-in (as yet undecorated, but it’s on my list) cupboard. It smells of Victorian houses and Lush bath bombs in there. And you can tell from the Curver baskets that I have developed OCD tendencies during this house renovation. Oh dear
And finally…having a dressing table was another dream and the one I upcycled when we originally moved in wasn’t right for our new loft room and too big for the bathroom. Enter this eBay bargain (£40) which came to me in a “shabby chic” state and was duly pimped-up with fresh paint and a new (old) stool that clashes perfectly with the retro-meets-Morocco floor tiles (from Walls & Floors)
Is it any wonder I’ve stopped buying clothes and am ploughing all my cash and energy into styling the house?
Flying birds. In teal. The. End.
Written by Johanna Payton