Our chance to fly a wish

My blogging may have been somewhat thin on the ground this summer, but we could not pass up the opportunity to take on a holiday challenge. It’s something of a tradition.

And this year, it’s an all-round good one – a challenge that has got us out and about in the fresh air (even though it might end up hurting my bank balance: you’ll understand why if you read on).

We parents are always moaning about our kids spending their spare time staring at screens, but the activity we took part in was far from technological. We were challenged to take out an awesome little stunt kite from Argos and to fly a wish…basically, El wrote down a dream on a piece of paper attached it to the kite and sent it soaring.

Of course the wish involves a hideously expensive Lego set, but as he is saving up some dosh by keeping his bedroom tidy, perhaps that wish will come true: even if it doesn’t, he’s got bang into kite flying and can’t wait to take it out again in more blustery conditions…

We went to Richmond to get El’s wish into the air

As usual I was suitably dressed for the occasion
We found open, kite-flying friendly space in the old deer park, by the river

El gets to work writing that all-important wish

The point at which my purse starts to feel nervous!

The outlandish wish is safely attached and ready to take flight
El loved the technical prep as much as the actual kite flying

Ready for take-off…
Dad looks on as the kite takes flight

That’s some tidy kite flying: while he waits to see if the Lego Star Wars-based wish comes true, he can practice those stunts

Written by Johanna Payton