Biker boots by Chloe Jade Green


As an old school Made In Chelsea fan, I’m never going to be able to think about Chloe Jade Green withough remembering the time she made Ollie Locke cry to the point where his foundation was streaking right down his cheeks. Tragic.

Since leaving the show, “Topshop heiress” Chloe has been busy designing shoes with Toppers. Most are sky-scrapers, and although I like the edginess to some of her styles, I could never walk in them in a million years

But these chunky biker boots – handily featuring a bit of signature leopard print (my favourite) – are the perfect winter foil for ladies about town. Stick on a skater dress in a contrast print, pop on a pork pie hat in a bold colour block and you are Chelsea ready – easy!

Written by Johanna Payton