Sixties Sunday – Orla Kiely meets Biba

Shoot 2 - 1960s faux fur jacket with Miss Selfridge skirt

It’s Sunday again, and I’m going for a mixed vintage and high street sixties look this weekend that’s easy to wear and totally “everyday”.

This is definitely a late 60s – perhaps straying into early 70s – outfit, mostly thanks to the midi length pleated skirt. I don’t want to look like an extra from an Austin Powers movie, so mixing in a few non-vintage bits and longer skirt lengths is a winner.

The coat is – of course – faux fur, and I picked it up at a mini vintage market in Tooting for £25. I suspect it’s vintage 80s, not 60s, but it creates the right impression and I’d rather not wear real fur if I can help it, even if the critter was popped off fifty years ago.

My absolutely essential Uniqlo roll neck is an Orla Kiely print I picked up a few seasons back. If you’re doing the sixties, my friends, get yourselves to Uniqlo and pick up a job lot of their Heat Tech polo necks. It’s the only way you’ll make it through autumn/winter (and, let’s face it, spring) in your fave shift dresses and 1960s style skirts.

My skirt is from Miss Selfridge again, a few seasons back, but it’s always worth dipping into the current skirt collection at Miss S as they tend to have a few retro influenced styles on the go.

Tights, mustard – as always (my latest pair are from H&M) – and the boots are Bertie, picked up at TK Maxx.

Final touch, my beloved Biba bag. I would never normally carry a bag with a brand embossed on the front, but Biba is one exception I am willing to make. It’s a core brand for 1960s fashion and style fans – and the petrol blue shade of my tote goes with everything. If you’re loving it, check out the selection at House of Fraser.

Shoot 2 - 1960s full length shotShoot 2 - 1960s faux fur jacket - orla keily print topShoot 2 - 1960s 1970s orla kiely print topShoot 2 - Johanna Payton with Biba bag - 1960s styleShoot 2 - Biba tote bag in petrol teal blue

Written by Johanna Payton