Sixties Sunday – psychedelic yellow dress

Johanna Payton wearing 60s yellow print psychedlic dress - sixties fashion

We were blessed with sunshine for this week’s Sixties Sunday, so what better chance to show you one of my fave dresses of all time. I like to call it my Yellow Submarine dress, natch.

Perfect for a spring day, I actually wore it out last night, with a black polo underneath – that’s the great thing about the 60s shift dress, bung a roll neck on first and you can wear it right through winter. We were at a local bar in Tooting, the Little Bar, where the tunes can often take a decidedly sixties turn (applause). A man perched on a bar stool, who looked uncannily like Matt Berry, passed comment on the dress when I arrived: when Beef lookalikes are impressed by a frock, you know you’re onto a good thing.

I bought the very special dress from Hunky Dory vintage on Brick Lane a year or two ago. I was in there this week, as it happens, trying to squeeze my batty into a teeny-tiny, bright red mini dress that might have been designed for Twiggy. Sadly, I was defeated, but I’ll be back in there at the next opportunity as they always have the bestest sixties styles.

To celebrate the sunshine, I went all-out for colour with petrol tights, red Mary Jane shoes (Office), a vintage shark tooth necklace in goldtone and a selection of turquoise rings (I love a turquoise ring): the multi rings were actually inspired by a little video I watched yesterday of Twiggy, rocking a ring on every finger. That gal always knew how to accessorise.

So here you have it: a bright, bold look that is totally psychedelic, guaranteed to turn heads and perfect for embracing the start of spring.

Yelloe red blue psychedlic 1960s dress - fashion 1960s style red mary jane shoes - office 2multi rings - 1960s accessories styleJohanna Payton wearing 60s yellow print psychedlic dress - sixties fashion 21960s style red mary jane shoes - office

Written by Johanna Payton