Welcome to a blog about 60s fashion

This blog should give me lots to smile about

This blog should give me lots to smile about

At last! I’ve done it. After five years of blogging about the high street, then parenting in style, then a mish-mash of fashion, travel and food, Fashion Detective is now steering in a retro direction: it’s very much doing the sixties.

From now on, the blog will focus on clothes, culture and design from the decade that brought you the Beatles and the Stones, minis and mop tops, go-go boots and beehives, Dusty and Cilla. (With a little bit of early 70s thrown in for good measure, because flower power is pretty awesome too.)

As well as the finest vintage finds from the 60s / atomic era / midcentury madness, I’ll also be on the look-out for the best 60s inspired fashion, music and design – believe me, there is a lot of it about.

And taking Fashion Detective into the realms of the real world, I’m planning a massive sixties night in South London this June – so if you fancy a night of twisting, bopping and lagers & limes, watch this space.

To get you in the groove, here’s a little taste of exactly why this decade is worth dedicating a whole blog to….

Written by Johanna Payton