60s inspired shoes by Ops&Ops

Sky Blue flat 60s inspired shoes by Ops&Ops

Fancy a bit of Friday evening shoe porn?

These amazing flats are brand new – launched this week – from Ops&Ops.

The brand launched in november 2014 with a “No10” collection of flats in patent, bronze and gunmetal.

The latest Ops&Ops shoe collection, Bumper Car, is all about colour and gorgeous spring/summer vibes – just the day for it, don’t you think?

They are £190 a pair, but you’ll be investing in 1960s-inspired flats that are designed for style and wearability. And they are handmade in a family-run factory in Portugal from finest leather, with a lightly cushioned sole. They’re also super light, so aces if you’re going away on holiday – and the sky blue shade is to die for.

Love, love, loving them.

Red Bumper Car shoes by Ops&OpsNavy blue flat 60s inspired shoes Images from Ops&Ops

Written by Johanna Payton