Travel websites – and gold 60s dresses

Gold textured sixties mini dress

How about we kill two birds with one stone?

First, behold my new/old, golden 60s dress, procured from eBay (where else?) and worn for a day of sightseeing in gay Paris. I wore this one very simply over a roll neck with long black boots and black headband. To keep things simple, we shot it in the shade of the iconic Eiffel Tower (had to be done).

And the travel theme leads me nicely onto a brand new project that you might like to have a peep at, if you’re a Fashion Detective fan (does such a person even exist I wonder?)

On my birthday, I launched a brand new travel website that caters for people in the UK who don’t like flying but still want the glamour of a fabulous break or holiday.

It’s called Feet on the Ground and I would love it if you could visit/support this new venture: if, like me, you hate planes, you will hopefully find inspiration there – and because it’s one of my sites, you can expect the most fashionable no fly destinations possible.

In the meantime, here’s me and a massive tower…

Gold 60s mini dress in front of Eiffel Tower Oversized sunglasses and a gold 60s mini dress Yellow 1960s dressYwlloe gold textured 60s mini dress


Images: Matthew Swan

Written by Johanna Payton