Penny Lane style jacket

Penny Lane lead

Years. That’s how long I’d wanted a Penny Lane* jacket.

Finally, in November, I found one. It’s not exactly the same as Kate Hudson’s iconic rug (it’s not green or embroidered) but it is suitably fluffy at the neckline and it actually fits (that was always the problem).

After three months of blissful wearing-in I can verify that it’s the best jacket I’ve ever had. And I’m finally showing it to you because I found the perfect backdrop to photograph it against: a Beatles mural on Penny Lane in Liverpool. Yes, actual Penny Lane.

The jacket – early 70s, as far as I can tell – was located at Beyond Retro on London’s Great Marlborough St for the keenly priced sum of £40. Original price tag still in place.

With it, I’m wearing a striped tee from H&M, cord pinafore in mustard from Pop Boutique and trusty Dr. Martens.

The mural faces the Octopus’ Garden at the Penny Lane Development Trust centre: if you’re in Liverpool, get yourself down there and have a mosey ’round.

*We’ve all seen Almost Famous, right? I don’t need to explain.

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Photography: Matthew Swan

Written by Johanna Payton