Welcome to Fashion Detective does the Sixties, a blog dedicated to the sights, sounds, style and fashion of the 1960s, a truly groovy and fabulous decade.

I’m Jo, a writer and blogger based in South London – and a 1960s fanatic.

I’ve been a freelance journalist since 2002 and a blogger since 2003. Fashion Detective was born in 2010 when I realised there weren’t enough fashion blogs written with mums and women over 30 in mind.

Over five years, Fashion Detective evolved. At first it focused on high street style, then travel, food and stylish parenting played a big part in the site’s identity. The blog was covered in the press, from the Guardian and LOOK magazine to Yahoo and the Huffington Post, and I was invited to exciting places, like Radio 1, to talk about fashion.

Thanks to Fashion Detective, I spent a year as eBay’s fashion blogger and was appointed head of fashion at Style Compare. In 2011, I also accepted a post as fashion journalism and styling & journalism lecturer at London Metropolitan University. When I joined the Guardian in 2013, I was bestowed with the title of “fashion expert” in my department and worked on fashion projects with well-known brands including Ted Baker, Boden, Uniqlo and John Lewis.

The blog grew, amazingly receiving over 100,000 page views most months and over a million visitors popped by to check it out, but my style was changing. My son was growing up and the “parenting in style” aspect of my wardrobe was less of an issue. I’d also moved almost completely away from high street fashion and, after turning 40, I felt it was time to do something more authentic, niche and…well, more me.

“We’re trying to impress ourselves…that’s why we keep trying to do things better. We never get satisfied.” George Harrison

In 2015, I decided to change things up and concentrate on the type of fashion, design and culture I have always adored. I’ve been mid-century mad for as long as I can remember: when I was five, my number one ambition in life was to marry George Harrison and dress exclusively in go-go boots. My style had always been influenced by the late 60s / early 70s but as I raced towards my 40s, I realised that I wanted to immerse myself in a vintage lifestyle, too.

I allowed my wardrobe to become almost completely populated with vintage (or 60s-inspired) pieces and when I renovated my home, I styled it with a heavy nod to mid-century interiors.

Now my blog is taking the leap too.

Fashion Detective does the Sixties is for anyone with an interest in 60s fashion, music, film, celebrity and design – and hopefully I’ve done enough groundwork over the years to convince my regular readers to stick with me too: the 60s is where it’s at, after all.

I’ve looked for brilliant fashion blogs about the 1960s, but they’re a bit thin on the ground, so hopefully this site will fill a gap. I’ll be posting as often as possible and if you have exciting products or news on a 1960s tip I’d love to hear from you, whether it’s a new 60s club night, themed weekend or a beautiful 60s-inspired dress, fashion shoot or piece of jewellery.

I’m also available if you’re looking for a stylist for a period project, or a commentator to enthuse about vintage fashion.

Most importantly, if you just want to say “hi” and share your own passion for the 60s, I’m always looking for new friends to obsess with.

Now all we need is a time machine.

Louche Joy 60s style monochrome floral print shift dress - johanna payton - 60s sunday 6